Released v1.1 Asset Validator


This release is part of a broader effort to revitalize development on this tool with more frequent updates containing smaller features/fixes. As a first pass at this, I have reviewed in-depth all of my previous work and re-organized and refactored all of the existing code and functionality for a few reasons:

  • Increase the quality and decrease the complexity of the existing code.
  • Make it much clearer which parts of this tool are available for normal usage through better abstraction and encapsulation, sealed and internal access modifiers, and assembly definitions.
  • Fix underlying areas of weak or error prone logic.

As part of an effort to support regression testing for this tool in the near future, the contents of the repository have been re-organized into a Unity project. The version of this project is subject to change as this feature is implemented.

To more easily support future releases in the desired folder layout, this unity package is not compatible with the prior one and any prior contents should be deleted before importing this one.



v1.1_AssetValidator.unitypackage 72 kB
Mar 06, 2019

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