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NOTE: Currently requires four Xbox controllers to be plugged in before the game begins. Damn you Unity hot-swapping.

Left and right on the left thumb stick moves the player.

Moving past the left side of the screen kills you. You cannot progress past the right side of the screen. The camera slowly advances to the right and picks up speed.

Stand on switches to open doors on other players levels. Open doors for the ship to allow it to progress. If one player dies, its only a mater of time before the rest go! Cooperation is key. See how far you can get

Contributors in no particular order:

  • Jeff Campbell (Programming)
  • Simon Tran (Programming)
  • Izak Lazarowski (Art)
  • Jean Romero (Art)
  • Jeremy Lowther (Art)
  • Jesse Hartov (Sound FX)
  • Alex Andrade (Music)

More information

Published Mar 30, 2015
AuthorJeff Campbell


SpaceEngineers.zip 20 MB